Pet friendly

pet friendly

At Vinnie's pets are preferred but not essential!

We know they are as much part of your family as the kids, so why shouldn't they come on holiday too? Most of our staff are dog owners, and if not they wish they were, we love having furry friends here with us.

Please let us know in advance if you intend on bringing your pet so we can prepare for their visit.


We politely request that all pets are kept on a lead in the hotel, and are not allowed on beds, chairs and sofas. We can provide water bowls, blankets or dog beds, and the odd treat.

You are welcome to leave dogs in your room for a short period of time, as long as you are certain they will be happy. Remember not all dogs are content being alone in a strange place even if they are at home. It is also important that you leave us a contact number if you do so.

Pets are £5 per night per pet.