friendly family accommodation

We purchased Vinnie's in early 2018 renaming the hotel after our 3 year old son.

We didn't think it through though as we have 3 boys and now they all want a hotel in their name!

The hotel, formerly The Earlsway, had been closed for 12 months and was in need of redecoration and cleaning. We started by gutting clearing and redecorating the ground floor bar and lobby areas. We are very proud of what we have achieved and the decor in the bar, I hope you like it too.


Since then we have been working hard to get the rooms clean, furnished and ready for guests. Over the coming months we will be fully redecorating each room to a high standard. We will then be moving on to the kitchen and dining areas.

The Gallery below shows some of our before & after photos as we have redecorated parts of the hotel.

We have big plans for the hotel, so keep any eye on our Facebook page for all the latest news.

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